Directedge is considered the newest stocks exchange in America, applying the latest forms of displayed markets. In the Directedge stock exchange, cash equities volume normally exceeds 1 billion shares traded per day. The platforms used in Directedge are unique with the aim of matching related forms of liquidity. The major determinants are fill rate, transaction costs and fill speeds with low latencies and high execution quality being maintained. The business models applied in Directedge are innovative and are aimed at increasing opportunities for the people in the stock exchange market, as compared to other market centers. It is hence seen as the future of trading because in the stocks exchange market, every investor needs some edge. As a display of its success, Directedge has extended its country of operation to Brazil, with its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro. The latter is set to start its operation in the last quarter of the year 2012.
Directedge initially began as a firm dealing with electronic communications network (ECN) in the year 1998 with the name Attain. It continued with its operations until the year 2005 when Knight Capital Group purchased the latter’s assets of Attain. After two years, the company rebranded and started operating under Directedge ECN. As a result of the rebranding, most of the staff members were changed including the management team and its previous owners. In the year 2008, the International Securities Exchange abandoned control over the stock exchange arm leading to further dilution of the partnership. This was done for a 31.5% stake in Directedge that was by then growing rapidly. In July of 2010, Directedge was successful in making a transition and hence transformed the ISE Stock Exchange and the ECN platforms to form what is currently known as the latest stock exchange in America.
Currently, all equities listed in the United States are traded by Directedge. The first one is known as Tape A (NYSE listed), then Tape B (Arca/Amex listed), and finally Tape C (NASDAQ listed). The trading of shares is only allowed between 9.30am and 4.00pm. The quotes and trades that are handled by the Security Information Processor, which is considered as the public quote stream, identifies EDGX with the letter ‘K’ and EDGA with ‘J’.
Success of Directedge can be attributed to its qualified management staff, being led by a renowned Chief Executive Officer, William O’Brien and Bryan Harkins acting as the Chief Operating Officer. In America, Directedge has enjoyed success as a result of application of the latest stock exchange techniques and technology to ensure efficiency in its operations. Its success has earned the confidence of Americans in Directedge, adding to its market share.

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